Feel the Nara Period Nara Palace Site Historical Park

Welcome to Heijo-kyo

The capital Heijo-kyo was built at the site of present-day Nara city about 1,300 years ago. A series of laws known as the Ritsuryo codes had been completed to provide a legal framework for the nation, and Tempyo culture flourished in and around the city. For the 74 years of what is known as the Nara period, the city stood at the center of Japanese political and cultural life. In the center of Heijo-kyo were located the Daigokuden (Imperial Audience Hall) and Chodo-in, which were used for political and ceremonial purposes, as well as the emperor’s palace and the government agencies that governed the city.

The Nara Palace Site was designated a Special Historic Site in 1952, and in 1998 the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara were registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Nara Palace Site is open for all to enjoy on foot. Experience an historical adventure as your mind ponders the area as it appeared during the Nara period.